AZ Sourcing® is a dynamic company that has mastered all components of real estate development.

AZ Sourcing, LLC was founded with the mission to cultivate and capture opportunity, exercise careful diligence and creativity in planning and execute projects that are well conceived and profitable.

Our projects are developed and managed from start to finish by a highly experienced team. From the earliest stages of a project, we are able to successfully secure financing and activate building development, construction, leasing, management and sales.

Additionally, with our integrated approach to development, consulting and construction services, the real estate development expertise of AZ Sourcing is not limited to any one particular market, category or zoning. AZ Sourcing has the proficiency to develop a diverse group of product types and land uses — from small commercial and residential projects to larger mixed-use projects.

This broad exposure enables us to be aware of substantially more information at an earlier stage in the development timeline, which yields benefits for AZ Sourcing clients and AZ Sourcing projects alike.

AZ Sourcing is comprised of experienced shareholders who have developed over 30 major projects in the U.S., China, Australia and Hong Kong.

Our current project under development, PhoenixMart, is North America’s most complete global product marketplace, offering millions of products and over 1,800 showroom suites in a modern merchandise mart setting. PhoenixMart will feature a B2B buying and selling experience for manufactured goods and products from throughout the world.

Outstanding Executive Team

Our leadership team ensures that all employees uphold our core values to maximize opportunities and achieve success for the company and our clients.

Value Driven

Each purpose-built project is carefully crafted to deliver increasing value to our communities for years to come.

Key Relationships

Enduring relationships with community leaders, business leaders and economic development groups strengthen each project.

Built With Integrity

Every project requires countless decisions. Each decision must respect the land and above all, serve the greatest benefit to the people who call our developments home.

Powerful Impact

We are focused on developing projects that are an inspiration to the community with the creation of new jobs and that provide sustainable economic growth.


North American Logistics, Trade & E-Commerce City (NALTEC)

Casa Grande, Arizona

  • North American Logistics, Trade & E-commerce City

    A master-planned 585 acre community, anchored by the PhoenixMart project, NALTEC consists of warehousing, corporate office complex, hotels, single and multi-family residential housing, full service apartments, condominiums, retail shopping and dining, as well as additional services and amenities.  NALTEC is the North American state-of-the-art convergent business hub.


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Casa Grande, Arizona

  • PhoenixMart

    As the most comprehensive global product marketplace in the Western Hemisphere, PhoenixMart provides solutions for a wide array of tenant and buyer’s needs to maximize their manufacturing, retailing, and wholesaling efficiency.

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